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Astrological Birth Chart

After casting an astrology horoscope either manually or with astrology software, it's time to interpret it. The steps below are for people who are new to reading charts. Here, this article will sketch how to write an interpretation. Prepare a blank document file or sheet of paper. This is for taking notes.


In the document file or paper, place Subject Headings to divide your report. Examples are: Basic Personality, Family and Relationships, Health and Leisure, Career and Abilities, and Strengths and Weaknesses. Note the type of chart it is (bucket, locomotive, etc.) But don't rely too much on the traditional interpretations of the cluster types.


Note which element and modality are emphasized. Just relying on the four elements' signs can be misleading so don't rely on this too heavily. But the modes are more accurate. Cardinal means initiative. Fixed signs mean stubbornness and rigidity, and passion. Mutable signs often indicate flexibility and a good mind. Now look at each placement. Start always with the ASC or Ascendant. Then the Sun in Sign, Sun in House, Sun's Aspects, the Moon, and so on. Then see how each factor contributes to the Subject Headings. For example, a Moon in Taurus will have something to say about that person's basic character, family relations (the mother especially), emotional needs, talents and health.

For each Subject Heading, insert the relevant keywords from that placement. In the case of a Taurean Moon, keywords and phrases such as "emotional stability" for Basic Personality, "loyalty" and "constancy" for Relationships, "fertility" and "good singing voice" in Health and Leisure, etc. Keep doing this for every planet in sign, planet in a house, and planet in aspect to the ASC, MC or another planet. Now, you will notice that the same traits seem to crop up again and again. For example, "quick temper" and "self-centeredness" may be suggested by a Sun in Aries, a Sun Square Mars, a Stellium in Aries or Leo, and a Sun Conjunct Midheaven (MC). When this happens, you can be sure you have found a dominant trait in your subject's psyche.

On the other hand, if a trait is suggested only once, it may not be that strong unless it is a very close aspect or the planet involved is strong (personalized, ruling, dignified, etc.). Do not stress a trait too much if you are not sure it is that influential. Look for which planet, sign and/or house is emphasized the most. Then think of the qualities of that planet, sign or house. Consider this when writing your interpretation. Once you are finished, and you see the "trends" in the chart, you are ready to begin writing your interpretation. By now, you should see a picture of your client/subject in your mind. Proceed systematically, referring to your notes always. Make the report only about 5-10 pages long. A long report is boring and repetitive; a short one is useless. Print it in large print, stapled, in an envelope. Or email it to your client in DOC or PDF format. There are free PDF makers available online. Afterwards, talk to your subject about it. Don't make the mistake of skipping dialogue with your client. You cannot learn from a one-sided reading. Ask him or her for feedback.

Pay special attention to the ASC or Ascendant. It is the most basic personality of the person you are studying. No matter what the other factors in the chart are, their expression will be invariably modified and colored by the ASC. If a planet is 6 degrees or less away from the cusp of the next house, it is in that house! For example, if you technically have Venus in the 5th house yet it is only 4 degrees away from the 6th, it IS in the 6th! When interpreting, keep in mind that trines and sextiles mean opportunities and natural talents; these are often taken for granted. Squares and oppositions are challenges; these are very noticeable. Conjunctions can be easy or difficult depending on the planets involved. In a chart, you will find maybe one or two areas of emphasis. Pay attention to them. The best people have the worst charts; the worst people have the best charts. Don't get excited over minor aspects. Concentrate on the major ones, especially the square, opposition, conjunction and trine. Use the "Astrological Alphabet" to find areas of strong emphasis. Letter 1: Aries, Mars and the 1st House, etc. Look for interchanges between Letters.

Things you'll need: A calculated natal chart. You can do one on your own or use astrology software. Notebook or a word processing program.

PDF maker (optional). There are free PDF drivers online.



The Age of Aquarius.mp3

Your Horoscope

September 2016


The Ram

Love and Life as a Couple

Mars, ruler of Aries, is in Scorpio – sign of passion and haunting erotic fantasies – during July 2016. So your sexuality is more intense than ever. Don’t be surprised if you experience unorthodox desires or yearn for intense experiences!

During this term you need intensity and in-depth exploration. Things will get even more intense after July 12, when Venus – planet of love – will enter Aries’ house of love and pleasure, and will peak during the last decan, when the Sun will follow in Venus’ footsteps.

So July 2016 is a month that predisposes Arians to exploring sensuality, passion, and love affairs; a month that favors sexual experiments and the birth of amorous liaisons.

Career and Finances

July 2016 beckons you undoubtedly more in the direction of vacations and having fun than that of hard work. But, if you can’t help it, you get to work without much protest. Jupiter, situated in Aries’ house of work, gives you a lot of strength and helps you fulfill your tasks with greater ease.

There are many hints that tie Arians’ careers, one way or another, to travel, abroad, or long-distance collaborations, online publishing, the higher-education or cultural area, medical area or that of legislation.

July stimulates your creativity and at the same time is excellent for presentations, launches, promotions.

During July 2016, Arians’ finances are motivating, challenging or stress-inducing. Either way, they push you toward action and/or decisions.

Mental and Physical Shape

Arians’ tonus is good during July 2016, and it’s excellent during the second part of the month.

It’s a good term for intense physical activity, for recreational or entertainment-oriented travels. All of it relaxes you and curtails your tendency toward inner agitation, introspection, and turning things on all sides, tendency generated by Mars, ruler of Aries, in Scorpio – meaning in Aries’ 8th house.

Optimism returns during the second part of the month, too.


The Bull

Love and Life as a Couple

July 2016 is the month during which some issues concerning Taureans’ relationships are solved, a situation is settled, things are cleared-up.

After resuming its direct motion on June 30, Mars crosses Taurus’ house of couple in direct motion during the July 1 - August 2 2016 term. Mars loves clear things and expresses its desires in direct, forthright manner. It could give you the courage to take a decisive step or to move along in a situation that’s been stagnating, or could just as well precipitate things or push you to a rushed or ill-advised gesture.

But let’s hope that Mars will trigger some positive outcomes, because during July 2016 it makes positive aspects with a lot of other planets: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and, for most of the month, with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus.

Career and Finances

Collaborations, team work, and collective projects are very stimulating for Taureans during July 2016. You have the ability to set others in motion, to get them interested in energetic, decisive, efficient action.

But expect challenges, competition, and rivalries. All interactions with those around are intense and strong.

July 2016 is excellent for intellectual and creative effort, for traveling and communication, particularly so during the first half. The second part of the month brings Taureans an interest in decorating immovables (headquarters, home, gardening, and so on), for history, folklore, constructions, agriculture, extractive industry.

Because Venus is close to the ruler of Taurus’ house of money most of the time, earnings will be satisfying during July.

Mental and Physical Shape

Taureans do pretty well in regard to health throughout July 2016. No unpleasantness is in sight, and if something does show up, it’s short-term and most likely caused by your own carelessness or tendency toward excess.

The second part of July 2016 could augment Taureans’ sedentary predispositions. It wouldn’t hurt to make an effort to be more active, preferably outdoors, in nature.



The Twins

Love and Life as a Couple

Things are complicated, but they’re better than during previous months.

Saturn has been in Gemini’s house of relationships for a while now and will stay there for another year or so, with all its limitative, somber, frustrating, or simply boring manifestations.

Saturn’s presence in your house of relationships gives you the advantage if you’re strategizing for the long-run, if you’re with someone considerably older or younger than you, with a Capricorn or with someone who has strong Saturn-ian influences in their chart. Otherwise, things don’t go smoothly.

But during July 2016, after the 12th, the positive aspects that Mercury, Venus, and the Sun will make in turn with Saturn, could bring Geminians emotional fulfillment or success in the couple, in which communication and/or traveling has a significant role.

Career and Finances

Although demanding and stressful, July 2016 enters the path of efficiency and profitability. Mars transits Gemini’s house of work in direct and decisive motion, bringing with it an exemplary mobilization, a lot of energy, initiative, and action.

You deal with big workload, short deadlines, emergencies, challenges, and various small incidents, but Mars is very well supported by other planets, so things go well.

Work will be well-paid, the predisposition toward that being created by the trines that Mars forms with Mercury, Venus, and the Sun, that transit Gemini’s house of money. These multiple transits through your house of money foretell a month that’s very active financially, during which income grows but you also get all sorts of ideas for investments, acquisitions or other ways to spend.

Mental and Physical Shape

For Geminians, July 2016 looks like a dynamic month in terms of health. It could end in medical initiatives meant to resolve certain issues, with small dental interventions or surgeries that are necessary, with doing something in terms of lifestyle or hygiene and so on.

On the other hand, you should be cautious, because there’s a risk of injuries, accidents, acute or painful manifestations.


The Crab

Love and Life as a Couple

During July 2016 Cancerians’ sensuality manifests itself at maximum intensity.

Mars, planet of sexual energy and passion, is in Cancer’s house of love and eroticism. It was there last month too, the difference being that then it was retrograde, and now it’s in direct motion, so much more decisive, explicit, and efficient.

And that’s not all! Until July 12 2016, Venus, planet of love, is in Cancer.

So the whole month is pierced by the arrow of desire, that motivates your actions and decisions. Also, the first part of the month is under the influence of seduction and romance, being particularly favorable for emotional fulfillment, finding love, happiness, understanding.

Career and Finances

July 2016 is a month with a lot of potential for professional success for Cancerians.

The Sun, that spreads vitality and shines, is in Cancer during the first two decans. So you’re more visible, influential, you emanate self-confidence and authority, you assert yourself, gain admiration.

During the first decan of July 2016, along with the Sun is also Mercury, that accentuates your intellectual abilities and your gift for communicating, and Venus, that smoothes your way to cooperation, opportunity, and money.

Money comes to you easily also during the last two decans, when Mercury, Venus, and the Sun enter Cancer’s house of finances one at a time, creating harmonious aspects with the planets situated in the other vocational houses: Saturn, in your house of work, and Uranus, in your house of career and status.

Finally, Mars, ruler of Caner’s house of career, is very well situated, promising luck and opportunity.

Mental and Physical Shape

You feel in shape, emanate energy and optimism. You’re active and full of drive.

If you suffer from any chronic illness, treat it with a lot of care and pay attention to everything to do with bones, joints, skin, hair, nails, and mineral absorption!

You shouldn’t expose yourself to the sun unless for short intervals.


The Lion

Love and Life as a Couple

If the first decan of July 2016 seems senseless or, even worse, disappointing emotionally, don’t worry! Things will take a turn for the better on July 12 when Venus, planet of love and harmony, enters Leo’s sign.

Venus brings you charm, optimism, power of seduction, and favorable circumstances for love. Venus heightens understanding and nurtures affection in long-term couples, and helps those looking for love to find it.

More than that, Venus makes a good aspect with the ruler of Leo’s house of couple, Saturn, situated also in a house of emotions.

So you should make the most of July 2016 to immerse yourself in emotions and feelings that are hard to forget.

Career and Finances

Venus entering Leo gives you the advantage not only emotionally, but also professionally.

Venus is the ruler of Leo’s house of career, which means that its spotlighted appearance brings you more opportunities for success, fame, and prestige, starting with July 12 2016.

At the same time, Venus will also fulfill its relational responsibilities, helping you with collaborations, contracts, and team work.

On June 14 2016, in Leo enters Mercury, ready to sharpen your perception all the more, your thinking and reflexes, and to display your qualities of communication, public speaking or negotiating.

Finally, on July 21 the Sun enters Leo, guaranteeing your social and professional spotlight.

Financially, you’re ahead of the game particularly during the second part of the month, but you shouldn’t squander away.

Mental and Physical Shape

During the first part of July 2016 you might not feel quite at 100%. You function pretty well, but need more rest and don’t have great immunity.

Leos’ psychological tonus strengthens beginning the second decan, and the height of physical shape is reached during the third decan.


The Virgin

Love and Life as a Couple

Jupiter, ruler of Virgo’s house of relationships, is still in Virgo (until September 2016), emphasizing the significance of life as a couple.

Jupiter could bring you opportunities, but could also induce disproportionate expectations. It wouldn’t hurt to be a little more pragmatic, if you don’t want to chase illusions and end up empty-handed.

That being said, July 2016 starts out promising, with Venus, planet of love, in a favorable position, bringing luck. Virgoans’ love life stands to gain from socializing, attending popular activities or events, and friends can play the role of intermediaries or mediators.

The second and third decan of July 2016 are somewhat lackluster, even drab. But they can favor secret affairs.

Career and Finances

In regard to prestige and status, July 2016 favors you. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun go through Virgo’s 11th house, which heightens your popularity and brings protection from the powerful and support from sympathizers.

It’s an admirable term for group activities or those concerning organizations, where you make a stand as competent leader, intelligent and pleasant. The good interval covers the first two decans, and you can manage the best achievements until July 14 2016, while Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is in a favorable position.

You can gain extra money from intellectual activities, information or communication.

Mental and Physical Shape

You’re in good shape during the first half of July 2016, after which point you begin to gradually feel less comfortable in your own skin. The last decan finds you disheartened and lacking energy.

In fact, you don’t actually lack energy, but it tends to be spent chaotically, leading to fatigue.

Virgoans’ physical endurance is much diminished during the last decan of July 2016, which must be treated with caution.


The Scales

Love and Life as a Couple

Mars, ruler of Libra’s house of couple, has resumed its direct motion at the end of the previous month, so it’s to be expected that Librans’ love-related relationships would be improved; that life as a couple would be more coherent and satisfying, and that joint efforts of the couple would bear more visible fruit during July 2016.

Your view of life as a couple is pretty down-to-earth during July 2016. Mars, ruler of your house of couple, is in Libra’s house of money, so you look at your loved more like through money-tinted lenses than happy-go-lucky ones. Or perhaps you’re both driven to resolve some money-related issues.

On the other hand, the position of Venus – planet of love – promises Librans luck in love through collective activities, social events, and friends.

Career and Finances

Here is a month that promises success!

During July 2016, Libra’s house of career is transited, in turn, by Venus (until the 12th of the month), Mercury (until the 14th), and the Sun (until the 21st), which means an energetic mobilization, enhanced visibility, growth of authority, and a good dose of luck. Luck can come from any direction, but is mostly based on diplomacy, good social connections and, maybe, support from your partner.

The second part of the month brings you popularity and the opportunity to find support for realizing your projects, ambitions or ideals at any point.

For Librans, all of July 2016 is favorable for ascension and promotions, by and large.

Finances also experience a positive dynamic, and your efforts are productive.

Mental and Physical Shape

During July 2016 Librans shouldn’t lose focus on their health, not even for a moment.

Even if you feel well and are energetic, keep a close watch at all times on yourself, lead a balanced life and follow through on all recommendations from doctors!

You should take no chances, because the Lunar Nodes and the opposition between Jupiter and Neptune, situated on the axis of your medical houses, could ruin your balance at any given moment.


The Scorpion

Love and Life as a Couple

With Mars in direct motion through Scorpio (June 30 - August 2), July 2016 brings Scorpios a revitalization of their physical energy, including the sexual one, and a greater appetite for action and conquest.

Your passion manifests itself freely, uninhibited. Your ideas are a lot easier to put into practice, your desires are easier to express and fulfill.

Venus, planet of love and ruler of Scorpio’s house of couple, is in a favorable position throughout July 2016 and is dominant beginning second decan of the month, sure sign that Scorpions’ relationships go through a significant, distinctive phase.

Your love life could be significantly connected to career, status, reputation, travels, far-away-places and educational, scientific, cultural or spiritual pursuits.

Career and Finances

Your career is on an upward spiral.

Mars, ruler of Scorpio’s house of work, is in Scorpio in July 2016, and the fast planets transit the highest area of your solar chart. Thus you exude energy and prove to be remarkably efficient. You’re preoccupied with career and feel the need to take some action in regard to it. You’re ambitious and exemplarily motivated.

During the first part of July 2016, emphasis is on studies, specializations, and travels for career, while contact with the juridical, cultural or scientific environment pushes you forward. Online work/promoting or long-distance collaborations could also fall in the month’s note.

Scorpios’ financial status improves during the second part of July 2016 and that’s also when the most notable achievements come your way.

Mental and Physical Shape

During July 2016 you enjoy exuberant vitality, and your body endurance is very good. You could have an excess of energy, that you should consume by exercising.

But you could experience anxiety and irritability spikes and manifest a tendency toward aggressiveness, excesses or risk-taking.

Take it easy, because you could harm yourself!


The Archer

Love and Life as a Couple

Mercury, ruler of Sagittarius’ house of couple, is close to Venus – planet of love – throughout the month of July 2016, which means that marriage or amorous interests are among your top priorities. You’re of a more romantic, tender disposition, and your sex-appeal increases.

The first part of July is dedicated more to inner analysis and feelings. You might have some concerns, commence some investigations, try to get a better handle on your partner’s psychology, or discover a secret that’s significant to the relationship.

The second part of the month is more relaxed, optimistic, favors travels for two or related to love, long-distance romance or getting together due to common intellectual or spiritual traits.

Career and Finances

If you’re willing to make an effort, success won’t be late to come your way. July 2016 offers Sagittarians the basis for achievements, particularly as a result of team work or profitable alliances.

Long-distance collaborations are favored. Connections to abroad, business travels, scientific or cultural pursuits also go well. If you intend to publish an article or a book, the second part of the month is perfect.

July 2016 also encourages Sagittarians’ financial pursuits. During the first part of the month gifts or extra income might come your way, and you could take financial initiative that involves what needs to be done and what you love doing (maybe an investment that has to do with esthetics or comfort?). You might also get involved in attracting funds.

Mental and Physical Shape

If you take some care of yourself, you’ll do all-right.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, during 2016 you’re not in best shape and you go through better and worse terms.

During July, the first part of the month seems to be more difficult, both physically and in terms of state of mind. But you recuperate gradually, and the last decan of July 2016 finds you with better morale and ready for action.


The Goat

Love and Life as a Couple

The Sun is in Capricorn’s house of couple during the first two decans of July 2016, putting emphasis on love, marriage, and particularly on your loved one, around whom you weave all your plans and actions.

Until July 12, in Capricorn’s house of couple is also Venus, planet of love and relationships, and Mercury, planet of communication. So you lead a full and cheerful social life, you’re attractive and romantic opportunities may arise at any moment.

On July 12 2016 Venus leaves Capricorn’s area of partnerships, followed on July 14 by Mercury. Because Venus and Mercury move in a less light and extroverted area, the second part of July might be sprinkled with worries, small-scale awkward situations, suspicions and frustrations.

Career and Finances

July 2016 emphasizes collaborations, team work, alliances, and contracts.

The Sun is in Capricorn’s house of partnerships until July 22, and Venus and Mercury are there too until the 12th and 14th of July 2016. It’s an excellent term to make new contacts, to perfect deals or to start a collective project. Your client list can grow, you’re successful in competitions and win disputes – including juridical ones.

The second part of July 2016 emphasizes the area of Capricornians’ finances and business. There’s a chance of extra income, gifts, and other material gains. You enjoy profitable collaborations, your partner’s earnings increase, and you might make an unexpected investment that you’ve been thinking about for some time.

Mental and Physical Shape

In 2016 Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is in an unfavorable position, which means that you won’t enjoy the same endurance as in previous years. And when other stressful transits appear, you feel that all the more.

July 2016, for instance, frays your nerves and consumes your energy, and during the second part of the month (particularly during the last decan), your mood can suffer and medical issues might surface.


The Water Bearer

Love and Life as a Couple

July 2016 starts out modestly for Aquarians’ love life. Most likely your responsibilities leave you little time for keeping up with a relationship as you’d like.

You might also feel somehow subordinated to your partner or deal with someone who is above you hierarchically. A work-place-romance is not out of the question.

After July 12 2016 the relational climate changes visibly for the better. Venus, planet of love and good understanding, enters Aquarius’ house of couple, followed by Mercury two days later. Aquarians’ love life is now marked by opportunity, affection, harmony, and communication.

On July 22 2016 the Sun also arrives in Aquarius’ house of couple, so the last days of the month bring you the most important and hopefully the happiest moments.

Career and Finances

Mars has resumed its direct motion in Aquarius’ house of career, so July 2016 starts out decisive and alert in a straight line for achieving goals. Ambitions are invigorated, just like your sense of competition, initiative, and will to act. You feel like an elite fighter that needs to conquer.

The Sun’s transit through Aquarius’ house of work until July 22 2016 helps you show your aptitudes and competencies, increases your work autonomy and productivity.

Venus and Mercury are also in Aquarius’ house of work until the 12th and 14th, making work more pleasurable and emphasizing your talents and intelligence.

Financially, July 2016 is generous with Aquarians, but you need to steer clear of waste and carelessness.

Mental and Physical Shape

One way or another, July 2016 draws Aquarians’ attention toward health and lifestyle. In a few cases, it could mean illness, but most likely it’s deliberate initiatives, meant to improve your tonus.

July is favorable for medical investigations and treatments, therapies, and care related to hygiene and beauty.

The Fishes

Love and Life as a Couple

During the first decan of July 2016, Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, is in Pisces’ house of couple, and Venus, the Lesser Benefic and planet of love, is in Pisces’ house of eroticism. So it’s a great time for love, fun, and life in two.

It could really be a fabulous term, considering that, aside Venus, in Pisces’ house of eroticism are also playful Mercury and the Sun, spreader of great vitality and brightness.

It’s a superb time for sprucing up an existent relationship, the blossoming of a new one or the start of a future one. And particularly for sex!

Things are looking pretty good after that too, until July 22 2016, when the Sun leaves Pisces’ house of eroticism, but you should make the most of the first 12 – maybe even 14 – days of the month.

Career and Finances

With Saturn in Pisces’ house of career, it’s not easy. But you can build, with effort and patience, for the long run. It’s important to clarify your objectives and develop your strategies.

In that regard, July 2016 is a good month because, beginning with the second decan, Saturn receives help from Venus, Mercury, and the Sun, that enter in turn Pisces’ house of work. You have the opportunity to show what you can do and strengthen your intelligent and efficient battle plans for the future.

Use your head, communicational abilities, imagination and talents, because through them you’ll gain success and money! Yes, money: Mars, ruler of Pisces’ house of money, has resumed its direct motion, so from now on you’ll do better.

But you have some conclusions to draw and a lesson to learn from previous months.

Mental and Physical Shape

Pisceans are in great shape during the first two decans of July 2016. You have a lot of energy and a good mood that contaminates those around.

The second decan is great, and the third is pretty good for settling some medical issues, for going to the doctor or dentist for a check-up, for some special course of treatment or cosmetic procedures.


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