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I first fell in love with photography, after I had what I thought to be THE most beautiful baby on earth. I would take photographs of her chubby feet, ears and curly hair... all the little things that I knew I would want to remember vividly. It was not long before I realized what a gift a photograph was, and I wanted to share that with others.

I am a wife to Nate, and mother to Natalie. We live in Round Rock in a pretty suburban neighborhood. Our hope is to own a house in the country and give Natalie room to run . . . chase butterflies . . . and most importantly, be a child.

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I have heard it said that with age, comes wisdom.  As the days of my life begin to grow in number; as I am leaving the first year of my “30’s,” I know it to be true.  Not long after my 30th birthday I discovered something that would change my entire life, including how I viewed the world.  How is it possible that I made it through 29 years on this earth without my most precious tool?

My camera.  My name is Summer Cates, and I am happy to introduce myself as the new contributing photographer/blogger  for Inner Child Magazine!  I am looking forward to sharing with you all, monthly about my latest musings, some useful information pertaining to photography, and what is trending now in this creative industry.

So, how did one purchase spawn into the enormous passion I possess now? Simple. The more I found out, the more I wanted to know. I didn’t just read my owner’s manual for my Canon Rebel T1i.  I was insatiable when it came to information about photography.  I began to follow blogs (stay tuned for my favorite links) find photographers who I aspired to be like on Facebook; I joined online “photog” groups, as well as reaching out in my community.  The “turning point” for me (when I went from just an “AMWAC” (another mom with a camera) to becoming a serious photographer was last December.

If you don’t know what Help Portrait is, go look it up (wait, finish reading this article first)!  Help Portrait is an amazing worldwide outreach in which the mission is simple. Find someone in need.  Take their portrait.  Deliver it to them (and watch them be delivered).  I was completely overwhelmed and unsure as I walked into the church that day.  By the time I left, I had met what I consider to be some of the most amazing people in Austin, Texas.  One of those people would become a mentor, close friend (more like a brother). Joshua decided to take me on as his “project” (ha) and has helped mold me into the photographer that I am today.  Not just AMWAC anymore.. he armed me with the knowledge, and confidence I needed to go out into the field and shine on my own.

If you are a new photographer, or an old pro I encourage you to get involved in your community. Use the gift of photography to give a gift.

Stay tuned next month, as I hope to be a sort of mentor for you.  I will be discussing the technical side, as well as the creative side of photography from my perspective.


“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”  ~ Dorthea Lange

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