The Year of the Poet IV ~ January (Volume 37) Inner Child Press

Inspirational, Healing, and Peaceful poems by the Poetry Posse: Gail Weston Shazor; Shareef Abdur Rasheed; Albert Carrasco; Teresa E. Gallion; hülya n. yılmaz; Kimberly Burnham; Elizabeth Castillo; Jackie Davis Allen; Joe DaVerbal Minddancer; Jen Walls; Alan W. Jankowski; Nizar Sartawi, Caroline Nazareno;  Bismay Mohanty; Faleeha Hassan; Anna Jakubczak Vel RattyAdalan; and William S. Peters, Sr.  Featuring Jon Winell, Natalie Shields, Iram Fatima 'Ashi" and The Quaking Aspen. Preface by William S. Peters Sr., Forward by Shareef Abdul Rasheed. ISBN-13: 978-1970020052. 

   "In the darkness of my life / I heard the music / I danced ... / and the Light appeared / and I dance" - Janet P. Caldwell  
   "Reflecting for the New Year / The greatest discovery one can make / have is the gift they already possess ...  / life!" - William S. Peters. 

   "Contemporary issues are addressed covering a broad spectrum. Politricks, social/economic, institutional racism, police brutality, corruption, wars, genocide. The nuances of relationships, intimacy, trust, honesty, sincerity, commitment etc. It is a creative literary smorgasbord served buffet style. Take a little of this, a little of that." - Shareef Abdur-Rasheed.

"Poetry succeeds where instruction fail." - William S. Peters.