The Year of the Poet IV ~ February (Volume 38) Inner Child Press

Love, Inspirational, Healing, and Peaceful poems by the Poetry Posse: Gail Weston Shazor; Shareef Abdur Rasheed; Albert Carrasco; Teresa E. Gallion; hülya n. yılmaz; Kimberly Burnham; Elizabeth Castillo; Jackie Davis Allen; Joe DaVerbal Minddancer; Jen Walls; Alan W. Jankowski; Nizar Sartawi, Caroline Nazareno;  Bismay Mohanty; Faleeha Hassan; Anna Jakubczak Vel RattyAdalan; and William S. Peters, Sr.  Featuring Lin Ross; Soukaini Falhi; Anwer Ghani and The Witch Hazel Tree. Preface by William S. Peters Sr., Forward by Kimberly Burnham. ISBN-13:978-1970020076. 

   "Moving forward, we are so excited about continuing our quest to share with you, our global readership the voices of poets who may not be familiar to the various readership secs found in and about the poetry community." - William S. Peters. 

   "As you read this month's collection from the Poetry Posse look beneath the words for what is loved and what causes the depths of our hearts to stir once again flowing outward and connecting with the beauty in this universe. Experience the devotion to peace and all the other emotions and words that grow out of this gift of love." - Kimberly Burnham.

   "Poets, Writers . . . know that we are the enchanting magicians that nourishes the seeds of dreams and thoughts . . ." - William S. Peters.

   "Poetry succeeds where instruction fails." - William S. Peters.

   "And I keep my paper in my pocket / So I can be ready to contemplate / The truth against the promise / Only to discover that you are / In the spaces in between ..." - Gail Weston Shazor.